Next Greenville Meeting:


Technical Presentation: Wind and Seismic Restraint

Program Description:

Wind Restraint
 • Code changes
 • Market trends
Seismic Design
 • Market trends
 • Why is seismic required in my non seismic zone?
 • Importance factors
 • Using exemptions
Vibration isolation
 • Selection guide
 • ASHRAE Isolator types


Lee Chiddention
Kinetics Noise Control
Director Of Sales US and Canada HVAC market

Biographical Information:

Lee Chiddention is the Director of Sales Vibration/Seismic and Wind Restraint at Kinetics Noise Control, Inc. He has an engineering degree from the university of Kent England, and has spent the majority of his career in business management and sales. He currently manages a team of 5 inside sales engineers, 15 applications engineers and 75 sales reps across North America. He oversees all technical marketing literature for HVAC products and all product development for HVAC products including testing.

Lee is also an active member of VISCMA & AMCA.

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